Research & Development Policies



We are often in close contact with various raw material suppliers around the world, through the frequent updating of knowledge of chemicals and foaming equipment.

Our communication with customers is also very important to help us decide the direction of development and enable us to take a leading position in this market.

We always do our best to provide better services for our customers' needs.

R&D Team



HWA CHING INTERNATIONAL has established a new facility at the end of 2009 to expand our knowledge of material into other fields of high polymer. Besides polyether flexible foam, we are now diversifying our developments into elastomer, TPU, polyester foam, EVA, rubber foam and etc...

The research center will study the information provided by our Marketing Division, then sketch plans for new developments. After internal evaluation and material property testing by our HCI Central Lab, we will approach our client for final confirmation of the new product.

Currently, we have more than 12 engineers working at the HCI Polymer Research Center. Also, we keep very close communication with major material suppliers from all over the world.

Our goal is to be the technology leader in our industry!


In order to differentiate ourselves from other competitors, we contribute great effort in both innovative development and quality control.

The HCI Central Laboratory was set up in 2008, it's major role is to maintain the quality consistence of all our factories. Everyday, the Central laboratory gathers production data, analyze them all, then reply feedback to all our production engineers located in different sites.

At the HCI Central Laboratory, we updata our testing regulations, methods and facilities frequently with clients. We have the most advanced testing equipments in the market, this motivates ourselves to keep up with the market requirements.