Abot HCi

Corporate Profile


Foundation 1971
President Mr. CHEN ,  JUI-PO
Employees More than 2,000  (as of Jun. 2017)
Business description P.U. foam, Various furniture manufacturing and sales
Distribution Taiwan、China、Vietnam、Indonesia

Company Philosophy


Chairman Oration

Our establishment of a foam factory coincided with the timing of the take-off of various industries in Taiwan. In 1971, Kun Ching was established in Rende District, Tainan, Taiwan. At that time, footwear, textiles, and other industries in Taiwan grew like bamboo shoots. Kun Ching took this booming train. The majority of market demand has led us to make progress. We have introduced equipment and technologies from Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States to enhance the competitiveness of the industry. After years of hard work by all my colleagues, we have also made good progress and achievements and laid the foundation for the status of the foam industry in Taiwan.

In 1992, with the relocation of the manufacturing industry, we began the overseas expansion plan and Hwa Ching Foam was born. From mainland China's Guangdong Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangxi Yichun, Vietnam's Dong Nai and Indonesia's Serang, we have a plan layout results. In order to increase the competitiveness of overseas plants, we have continuously improved and improved our equipment. We have introduced German CNC automatic cutting equipment and HENNECKE foaming machines to create better production performance and achievements.

In the foam industry for more than 40 years, we have been focusing on the research, development, and improvement of foam technology. We have deeply felt the principle of “not advancing and retreat” and the progress of our peers has also prompted us to not slack off. It is hoped that all my colleagues will work together to continue moving towards sustainable development of Hwa Ching.

Company Philosophy

The enterprise culture is one kind of long-term management developmental strategy, Hwa Ching has been since continuously the staff the precious wealth which develops for the group and advocated the staff and the group progress together let the staff potential be able to display fully in the enterprise culture development.

Hwa Ching during development, the attention absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced research and development technology and the production technology, and gradually improves and improves staff's each welfare treatment, improves staff's board and lodging condition and the working condition, provides an exquisite environment for the staff.

In the future, we continually will develop the innovation, go all out, by never will satisfy the spirit which and surmounted unceasingly to improve the group overall quality, the setting up good enterprise image, strengthens a better organization to manage the system, the expanded product and innovation industry well-knownness, will argue vigorously participates in the international competition and the cooperation in a broader domain.


HCi History


1971 Tainan Rende established Kun Ching Industrial Co., Ltd. to be responsible for the production and sales of foams.

Establishing Dongguan Hwa Ching Foam Co., Ltd. providing foams for shoe materials and related material information.

Established an R&D center as a summary center for research and development of foam materials and related material information.

The establishment of Zhongshan Hwa Ching Foam Co., Ltd.  specializing in shoe materials, furniture foam production and sales.
Established Kun Ching Key-Industry Co., Ltd. responsible for overseas factories to contact and support things.
2005 Established TOKURI and started the development and production of office chairs and sofas.
2007 In response to the needs of local businesses in Vietnam, we established the DongNai Hwa Ching Foam Co., Ltd. to provide foam materials and services in the vicinity.
2009 Based on the mainland market's active market, Jiangxi Hwa Ching Foam Co., Ltd. is responsible for the market demand for foam in the Mainland, and has started to engage in the bonding processing of shoe materials.
2014 Established the DongNai Hwa Ching fitting department to actively provide customers with composite materials such as foam.
2016 Established PT. Ripoflex High Polymer , to supply the local customer demand for Javanese in Java, Indoesia. 
2017 Started construction of Tokuri Vietnam production base.

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